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Welcome to The Future of Identification

Harnessing the power of radio
frequency to redefine identification.

Introducing The Radio Frequency Barcode

In the logistics sector, many parcels fail to arrive at their destination, or arrive late, because their barcode has not been read. Similarly, we are often confronted with queues at the supermarket checkout because the barcode-based checkout system is too slow for the flow of customers. 

More generally, this fragility (damaged, hidden, torn barcodes) and the need to be in direct sight of a barcode in order to read it is a problem that impacts many activities.

There's an excellent technical alternative to the barcode, which also offers many additional functionalities: RFID.  But in most cases, this luxurious technology is too expensive and has too high an environmental impact to be a real solution to the need for a simple, reliable identifier with low environmental impact.

We have invented a new low-cost identification technology with low environmental impact:

The Radio Frequency Barcode, which combines the simplicity and low environmental impact of the bar code with the reliability of RFID.

Why Radio Frequency Barcode?

  • High Reading Speed

  • Tamper-Proof Design

  • Product Preserving

  • Precision Localization

  • Integratable Into Packaging

More Than Just a Product

  • Tech with Integrity: Prioritizing low environmental impact and health safety.

  • Patent-Protected: Our innovations are safeguarded by numerous patents.

  • Compliance Assured: Meeting all prevailing radio-frequency regulations.

Use Cases Include


Efficient parcel tracking and sorting


Swift checkouts in specialized retail environments


Identifying composition from manufacturing stages


Part Identification on in the manufacturing process


End-to-end traceability for food, medication, and apparel

Benefits & Impact


  • Fewer lost parcels

  • Streamlined flows


  • Quicker checkouts 

  • Enhanced customer experience.


  • Boosted recycling rates with precision identification.


  • Maintaining traceability throughout the production cycle


  •  Enhanced patient safety with accurate traceability.

/01 Range of RF Barcodes

Catering to different identification needs, all empowered with our revolutionary technology.


/02 Adaptable Readers

/03 RF Barcode Library

Up to 40 Bits of Unique data encoding capacity.

Demystifying The Symphony of Idyllic's RFID Barcode Tech!

Ever wondered how our radio-frequency barcodes harmonize in the bustling world of logistics and retail? We're excited to unveil our latest animated explainer video, "Demystifying Radio-Frequency Barcodes through a Musical Analogy". Dive into a world where technology meets melody, making complex concepts simple and melodious.

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