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"Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds."

Alexander Graham Bell


Our Industrial Partner

MGI Digital Technology: Pioneering Digital Printing Excellence

Since 2017, MGI Digital Technology has been our trusted partner, contributing their vast expertise in the design of digital printing and embellishment machinery. Together, we've embarked on an ambitious journey, focusing primarily on crafting an innovative industrial process for producing radio-frequency barcodes.

Discover MGI Digital Technology:

  • Decades of Dedication: Celebrating 40 years of innovation dedicated to the Graphic Industries.

  • Who They Are: A French trailblazer in manufacturing digital printing and finishing presses, MGI Digital Technology serves diverse sectors including commercial printing, packaging, adhesive labels, flexible packaging, photo printing, Web to Print, and more.

  • Impressive Legacy: Established in 1982, they proudly stand on the NYSE Alternext Paris stock exchange with the stock code AMLDG.

  • Global Footprint: With a remarkable 90% of their revenue stemming from exports, they've achieved a consistent annual organic growth of around 10%.

  • Roots & Reach: While their headquarters and dispatch center sit near Paris, they also operate from three production sites located in Descartes and Limoges, France, and Villingendorf, Germany.

  • Honors & Recognition: MGI's prowess hasn't gone unnoticed. They've earned prestigious labels from BPI France/OSEO, such as "Excellence" and "Innovative Company." Additionally, they've been celebrated with nearly fifty international industrial accolades.




Our Sales & Marketing Partner



Taktiful is a consulting firm that navigates the waters of disruptive technologies, and we're proud to have them alongside us at Idyllic. Catering to brands, retailers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Taktiful genuinely believes in the potential and necessity of modern tech solutions, ensuring they're both functional and user-friendly.

Understanding the importance of innovative technology in today's world, much like Idyllic's forward-thinking RFID barcode approach, Taktiful's focus remains on practical, real-world applications. They take the time to get to know their clients, diving into the specifics of what's needed and how best to achieve it.

Their familiarity with emerging tech trends and a sincere passion for fostering creativity makes Taktiful a reliable partner for any organization hoping to make its mark. If you're a brand seeking to find your niche, an enterprise aiming to adapt to modern technology, or an OEM interested in fresh, impactful integrations, Taktiful offers the expertise and resources in a grounded, collaborative manner.

Commitment, hands-on service, and actionable strategies are the pillars of Taktiful. And in synergy with Idyllic's values, together we aim to provide thoughtful solutions for today's challenges.

Discover more about Taktiful:

Our Academic Partner

Idyllic Technology & LCIS: A Collaborative Evolution

Emerging from the roots of LCIS, Idyllic Technology proudly upholds its legacy. Our collaboration endures, enriched by our privileged access to the laboratory's state-of-the-art equipment.

Dive Deeper into LCIS:

  • Institutional Excellence: LCIS stands as a revered public research laboratory, affiliated with Grenoble-INP, located at the UGA Valence campus of Université Grenoble Alpes.

  • A Fusion of Minds: Housing over 60 dedicated researchers from diverse fields such as computer science, electronics, and automation, the LCIS is a melting pot of innovation centered on embedded and communicative systems.

  • Research Spectrum: Their research avenues encompass vital areas like the security of embedded and distributed systems, comprehensive modeling, intricate analysis, and vigilant supervision of multifaceted open systems, along with a keen emphasis on communicating wireless radio systems.

  • Application Array: LCIS's pioneering work finds relevance in myriad applications, from the Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems to interconnected natural/artificial environments and cutting-edge RFID technology.

  • Regional Support: The esteemed Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region graciously backs and funds the endeavors of LCIS.


Discover more about this beacon of innovation at LCIS's Official Website:

Join us in our journey, synergized by the academic brilliance of LCIS, as we chart new territories in technology.


Other partners

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