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Pioneering the Future of Identification

Innovating Beyond the Norm

At Idyllic, our commitment has always been to push boundaries.

The digital age demands solutions that are reliable, efficient, and sustainable.

That's where our technology steps in, bridging the best of two worlds:

the simplicity of barcodes and the power of RFID.

The Concept Behind Our Tech

Traditional RFID systems rely on electronic chips, driving up costs and environmental concerns.

Our game-changing approach?  Eliminate the chip.

We've given birth to the Radio-Frequency Barcode, a beacon of simplicity, efficiency, and eco-consciousness.

Radio-Frequency Barcodes

Merging the best attributes of barcodes and RFID.

Low environmental impact

High reliability

Designed for versatility

Adaptable RF Readers

Interface with diverse systems 

High precision

High speed

Developed keeping global radio-frequency regulations in mind.

Why Our Technology Stands Out

No Product Defacement

Integration options within packaging, retaining product aesthetics

High-Speed Reading

Swift, seamless, and efficient, reducing delays and holdups in various industries


Our barcodes resist counterfeiting, ensuring genuine and safe products for all.


Designed with the planet in mind with easy to recycle components.

Accurate Localization

Know precisely where your items are, elevating traceability.

Interested in Deep Diving?

For technical queries, partnerships, or detailed discussions, we're here to chat.

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