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Idyllic Technology Breaks New Ground: RFID Tags Now Read at Over 50 km/h



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Idyllic Technology Breaks New Ground: RFID Tags Now Read at Over 50 km/h


Valence, France – January 8th, 2024- In a remarkable leap forward for chip-less RFID technology, Idyllic Technology announces a groundbreaking achievement on the eve of the CES 2024 show in Las Vegas – their award-winning low cost and sustainable chip-less RFID tags can now be accurately read at speeds surpassing 50 km/h. This significant milestone will be showcased for the first time at the global tech stage of CES 2024.


Revolutionizing RFID Capabilities:

This advancement redefines the capabilities of RFID technology, expanding its application into fast-moving environments. Idyllic's breakthrough enables accurate, high-speed tag reading, which is crucial for industries where speed and efficiency are key, including logistics, transportation, and competitive sports.


Showcasing at CES 2024:

Idyllic Technology is set to demonstrate this cutting-edge achievement at CES 2024, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of RFID technology. Visitors to the Idyllic booths will experience the prowess of these high-speed chip-less RFID tags and explore their diverse applications.  This new technology can be seen at two Idyllic Technology booths, both in Eureka Park (Booth 61013-15 and Booth 60711)


A Few Examples of the Impact of High-Speed RFID Reading:

·       Enhanced Logistics: This development significantly improves the tracking and management of goods in transit, offering greater efficiency and accuracy at distribution points.

·       Advanced Retail and Inventory Solutions: Retail operations can now enjoy faster, more reliable inventory management, even in high-demand scenarios.

·       Transportation: New applications in the live tracking of multi-modal vehicles, from large carriers to the last mile.   


Louis Gautier-Le Boulch, CEO of Idyllic Technology, shares his excitement: "Pushing the limits of RFID technology to over 50 km/h is not just a technological triumph; it's a catalyst for innovation across numerous industries. We're eager to showcase this at CES 2024 and explore the new horizons it opens up.  While we are thrilled to reach these speeds, we are confident that we will soon be able to reach speeds of upwards of 500 km/h. "


About Idyllic Technology:

Idyllic Technology, known for its innovative approach to RFID solutions, specializes in chipless RFID technology that is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible has established them as a pioneering force in the industry.


For more information about Idyllic and its award-winning technology, please visit


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